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Decreasing Pain. Increasing Range of Motion.


ER: I have never had such a gentle massage, and yet I've also never had such an effective massage.  My pain is gone and I can reach over my head with no problem.  It felt so good, I can't wait to have another!

JT:  I had a headache for over a week, and during my massage Sharon worked on my neck muscles, found some bad spots that she carefully massaged for about a minute, and by the end of the massage I could tell I was better.  An hour later my headache was gone, and it hasn't come back after two days.


DT:  Boy, that treatment was so good!!!  I slept all night without any pain and didn't wake up until the alarmwent off.  THAT is unusual.  Thanks much!!  Maybe my kids will want treatments this time when they come home.  Seems like they did it last year.  I think I want one already.  Will call. 


HT:  For Christmas a few years ago, I gave a gift of massage certificates to my elderly aunt.  She loved the massages (and Sharon) and asked for the same gift for Christmas and her birthday every year after.  My mother-in-law, in her late nineties, also wanted more massages.  Sharon made my gift shopping much easier!


WH:  I was injured in a serious motorcycle accident 07/03/06., at which time I fractured 3 cervical vertebrae, and 1 lumbar vertebra.  I also broke my right shoulder.   The surgery I had directly after the accident left me with a lot of nerve damage.  The result being I am in pain 24/7 and been seeing a pain specialist monthly since.  The RX's I am currently on only help some.  I started going to see Sharon in 2008.  Since then she has worked on me giving me more lasting relief than any of my RX's. She is continually refining the techniques she uses on me. I would not have the quality of life I enjoy now without her massages.  I would recommnend her services to everyone in need of massage therapy.  I can never thank her enough for her help. 


RP:  When my uncle was dying, Sharon came to his bedside to give him a massage any time we called.  His pain was relieved enough that he needed less medicine, so was able to interact with us quite a bit more for a couple of weeks.  As his time came nearer, he was requesting her to come and she always did, and it got to be daily.  Sharon was so good with him and such a calming presence for the rest of us that we all looked forward to seeing her.  She has a nursing home background and was able to help us position him more comfortably.  My uncle's last days were so much more peaceful due to the comfort Sharon brought, and she helped the rest of us, too. 


SC:  Sharon is very sweet, and so knowledgeable about the human body.  She has helped me recover from surgeries and from broken bones, always so gently that the effectiveness of her massage is amazing.  I have had much more aggressive (painful!) massages that did not help nearly as much as Sharon's gentle, very focused and specific massage. 

RS:  Sharon gave my wife Linda a massage and it helped her sore hip tremendously.  I got a chair massage too just before I drove on my 500 mile trip.  My shoulders never felt better.

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