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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Table Massage        

                   In My Office     In Your Location


Half Hour Massage

                                    $ 30.00

One Hour Massage                   

                                   $ 60.00        $ 80.00

Ninety Minute Massage              

                                   $ 90.00        $110.00

Two Hour Massage          

                                   $120.00       $160.00


Add Aromatherapy to Any Massage                                                        $10.00                              


Chair Massage

15 Minutes                                      $15.00         

20 Minutes                                      $20.00

30 Minutes                                      $30.00


Senior Clients

 Massage on the massage table is wonderful and recommended.  In cases where that is difficult, though, an easy chair or recliner, or even a hospital bed will work quite well, as long as the client is comfortable.  Medical equipment and tubing are no problem. Every effort is made to maintain the comfort, safety and dignity of each person. Previous clients include those over 100 years old, those with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, those recovering from strokes, joint replacement surgeries, traumatic motor vehicle accidents, heart attacks,  and other very serious conditions.


Hospice Care Patients

Special consideration is always given to those on hospice care.  Massage will be in your home or care facility, scheduled for as little or as much time as needed.  There is no cancelation or late-start policy, and extra time is scheduled to accommodate the needs of the client and his or her family members. 


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